Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BellClocks.com now accepts Google Checkout

BellClocks.com now accepts Google Checkout as a customer payment method. Following several requests from customers to add Google Checkout, we have responded by integrating the service throughout our store.

Google Checkout may now be used at BellClocks.com for the purchase of any product at BellClocks.com.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock - Adjustment of Gong Time

ADJUSTMENT OF GONG TIME, Chelsea Ship's Bell Clocks:

The clear resonant tone of Chelsea Ship's Bell clocks is obtained by means of a controlled strike hammer dropping onto a coiled steel gong. The clock must be in its natural upright position (12 o'clock up) to have it strike properly. Should the striking tone be "deadened" or "flat" - or if no gong tone is heard when the strike mechanism is operating, an easy adjustment can usually be made.

The flat tone is caused by the hammer head resting on or too close to the gong coil. This fault is corrected by merely bending the hammer wire up a little - just enough to have its head not touch the gong coil when the hammer is in its rest position.

Ship's Bell clocks have an opening in the back through which the hammer wire can be reached for adjustments. Proceed as follows:

1. At some hour point when the clock has finished striking an EVEN number of bells, remove the back cover plate by unscrewing the three screws.
2. Lift and drop the hammer wire with your finger so you can hear and see how the resonance of the gong tone is muted by the hammer's leather tip resting on the gong.
3. To adjust the hammer, hold the hammer wire while it is in the rest position with one hand. Do not press down on the wire. With a pair of needle nose pliers or any rigid object, lift and bend the hammer end of the wire upward just enough to clear the gong coil while in the resting position.
Then repeat step 2 to determine if the gong tone has been corrected.

If, after following these instructions, the striking does not occur at the hour and half hour markings on the dial, then the clock must be sent back to the factory for correction.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Maximum Weather Instruments on Sale

Maximum Weather Instruments are on sale at BellClocks.com, part of our Summer Sale Event. Special pricing includes some best selling instruments, like the Predictor Barometer, Comfortminder hygrometer thermometer, and Mini Max Thermometer.

Maximum clocks are also on sale, including tide, quartz, and the popular ship's bell models.

The most impressive savings is on Maximum Weather Stations, wired and wireless - including the 2 instrument Portland, and best selling Montauk weather stations.

Visit BellClocks today, or call 800-210-0492 to order.

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Winding the Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock

One of the most common questions we receive is regarding the winding of ship's bell clocks. These instructions are for the Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock model:

Wind your ship's bell clock fully once each week at approximately the same time, on the same day. The left hand winding arbor is for the strike-side mainspring and the right hand winding arbor is for the time-side mainspring. Be sure to wind both fully starting with the left side. VERY IMPORTANT - If the clock has run down, it must be wound FIRST before setting the hands. If the minute hand is locked, this is an indication that the levers are jammed. To release, simply wind the clock fully on both sides and then move the minute hand backwards 1 hour or more. Then reset the time allowing the clock to strike at the hour and the half hour.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock Instructions - setting.

To answer several questions we receive, and to help those who have used Chelsea ship's bell clocks, Bellclocks is going to post instruction sections over the next few days, for that model. These instructions are taken (with permission) from the BellClocks.com Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock page.

The first installment is setting the clock:

Your ship's bell clock leaves the factory thoroughly tested and fully wound. First, remove the black tube from the winding arbor. (Save and replace tube when you are shipping the clock or away for a long period of time.) Next, move the minute hand clockwise to the correct time, stopping at the hour and half hour to allow the bells to strike their full count. The hour hand should not be touched during this operation.

The correct striking count may not develop at the first point when moving the hands forward to the correct setting time, this is normal, but will self correct at the next full hour count. DO NOT force the hands when setting the time. Should they lock at any point, simply move the minute hand backwards through one striking position and then forward to the correct time ensuring to stop at the hour and half-hour to allow the bells to strike the full count.

On the SHIP'S BELL clock, a "warn" occurs at 20 minutes past the hour and 10 minutes before the hour. This means that for 10 minutes prior to each striking point, the gears and levers of the striking mechanism fall into correct position. Thus it is advisable that whenever the striking clock is to be reset, the minute hand ONLY should be slowly rotated forward (clockwise) to the next striking point and then the clock allowed to strike its full count. Adjustments should never be made during a strike zone, only from 5 to 15 minutes past the hour or 25 to 15 minutes before the hour.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Announcing the Summer Sale at BellClocks.com

Save up to 40% at the BellClocks.com Summer Sale, with special pricing on our best selling products. Many featured products include free shipping to the continental U.S.

Lufft high quality German Instruments are included in the sale, featuring Lufft Hygrometers, Barometers, Thermometers, and Hygro Thermos. Abbeon certified instruments by Lufft including the HTAB 169, and best selling HTAB 176 Hygrometer Thermometer are also on sale.

Chelsea Clock products have our lowest prices of the year, including the Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock and Shipstrike Clock models. Chelsea Navy Clocks (Timemaster) are included - with free shipping on ALL Chelsea Clocks.

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Windward Instruments launches new web store

Windward Instrument, our parent company, has launched a new web store focused on a smaller selection of high quality instruments. The Windward Storefront will feature Abbeon, Lufft, Chelsea Clock, and Ocean Clocks products. A more detailed product overview is provided below.

To celebrate the opening, Windward Instruments is having a Summer Sale event, with savings of up to 40% on every product in the store.

Product Overview

Abbeon Instruments - Abbeon Instruments include Hygrometers (Hydrometer), Thermometers, Hygrometer-Thermometer (Hydrometer-Thermometer), Barometers, and other specialty instruments. Abbeon Certified Instruments, and Lufft Instruments are also available.

Chelsea Clock - Chelsea Ship's Bell Clocks, Navy Clocks (Timemaster), Tide Clocks, and Nautical Clocks are featured. Matching Chelsea Barometers, and packages including Mantle Mounts are also available. Considered by many to be the finest clocks in the world, Chelsea Clock Company continues production from their original factory which opened in 1897.

Ocean Clocks - Ocean Clocks Tide Time Clocks, 24 Hour Clocks, and matching barometers are unique. Tide clocks are region specific, displaying high tide and tide time differences between ports in a specific area. The dial background is a nautical chart of the area. Models available for East Coast U.S., and Puget Sound, WA. available in brass or chrome. Matching barometers for each model, equipped with a high quality Barigo (German) movement. 24 Hour clocks are equally unique, featuring nautical flag dial. All instruments available in brass or chrome.

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