Thursday, March 29, 2007

Product Spotlight; Lufft TAB 77 Analog Thermometer

Recently added to our line up of quality instruments is the Lufft TAB 77 Thermometer, by Lufft Instruments of Germany.

Lufft has been manufacturing quality instruments for over 100 years, specializing in quality instruments at lower price levels.

The TAB 77 is currently on sale at BellClocks for $139.00 w/FREE shipping.

More information about the TAB 77 from our site:

The Lufft TAB 77 is an accurate thermometer, Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature indicator, indicates the temperature in a range of -20 to 120° Fahrenheit, and -30 to 50° Celsius.

The TAB-77 Thermometer is accurate to ±2°F utilizing the Lufft bimetallic thermometer movement. Bimetallic springs transmit changes in temperature through expansion and contraction.

For more information, or to order, visit the TAB 77 area of

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007 Q&A - Chelsea Navy Clocks

We would like to thank all those who have submitted questions and comments via our websites, and phone. We thought this would be a good forum to answer some of those questions.

We'll start this installment of Bell Clocks talk with a few of the most common questions. As always, we are happy to answer your questions by email, blog post, or phone.

Q: Does Chelsea Clock still build navy clocks?
A: Yes
. (Follow the links below to visit Timemaster areas)

Chelsea Clock has built navy, government and commercial clocks for many years, now referred to as commercial clocks. There are two lines currently produced:

The commercial line, which has no "formal" name - just numeric model numbers, which is produced under specific contracts, and is available for sale only to authorized government agencies, contractors, military, and institions, etc.

The second line of Chelsea "navy clock" is the Chelsea Timemaster, which is available to any customer - however, they are built to order and usually require 4-8 weeks to ship.

Several Chelsea Timemaster models are available including various dial sizes, quartz and mechanical movements, 12 and 24 hour. Case selection is forged brass, or black phenolic case (many people call the black case "bakelite" - which is close, as phenolic cases derive their roots from bakelite cases produced years ago). The picture above is our best seller, the Timemaster 40090 - a 8 1/2" dial 24 hour quartz model, in phenolic case.

Chelsea Timemaster, and commercial clocks, are built to the specificiations of MILSPEC (Military Specification) 1194(C)(D) - which we have a copy of. These specs specify every aspect of the clock, from spacing of dial components, to performance requirements. It's pretty stingent to say the least. From our main Chelsea Timemaster page:

"Timemaster Series of Commercial Marine Clocks (non-striking) Meets or exceeds U.S. Navy specifications according to MIL SPEC 1194C & 1194D
All quartz and mechanical clocks have passed U.S. Navy tests for accuracy, shock , vibration, exposure to salt spray, humidity and temperature extremes."

Chelsea also produces a little known matching series of barometers, the Timemaster Barometer line, which is designed to match 6" dial Timemaster clocks in design. The Timemaster Barometer is available in forged brass, or phenolic case, and utilize the same high quality barometer movement as the Chelsea Ship's Bell Barometers.

Again, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions - we'll be back soon with another round of Q&A.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Buyer Beware - Bell Clock Company clocks

Every month we receive numerous inquiries about Bell Clock company clocks, requests for repairs, parts, etc. is not affiliated with the Bell Clock company, and our information indicates the company has been out of business for several years.

These clocks were most commonly available at Navy Exchanges, and PX facilites around the country, and we are told that there is still "old stock" which has been recently, or may still be available.

Regarding the Bell Clock Company itself, the information provided with new Bell Clock Company clocks states "Bell Clock Company, a Division of Gatco Inc. San Francisco, CA.

Gatco Inc. is still in business, and is a manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, specializing in brass. Our parent company, Windward Instruments, has made several attempts to contat Gatco Inc. to inquire about their involvement with, or ownership of, the Bell Clock Company, and to request availability of parts or service. Our numerous emails and phone messages have gone ignored.

If you own one of these clocks, you may attempt to contact Gatco at: 1-800-227-5640. Their address:

Gatco Inc.
1550 Factor Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577, USA.

If anyone manages to make contact, please post that information on the blog, or contact us.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Lufft AB 62 Hygrometer Humidity Indicator

The Lufft AB 62 Hygrometer Humidity Indicator is a precision accurate hygrometer which indicates humdity through use of the Lufft Durotherm element.

6" Polished Brass Case
5" White Dial, black lettering
Measuring Range: 0-100%, 1% RH Graduations

Lufft instruments are of high quality, and have been manufactured for over 100 years by Lufft of Germany.

Sale pricing now, with free shipping.

BellClocks is
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Ocean Clocks Tide Clocks on Sale

All models of Tide Clock by Ocean Clocks are on sale now at

These unique and easy to read tide clocks indicate high tide, and tide time difference for local coastal areas. Models are available for every East coast U S State, East coast of Canada, Puget Sound WA., Long Island Sound, Australia, and the UK.

Ocean Clocks use authentic nautical charts of each specific area as a dial background, and offer a high level of personalization, from text to graphics. Perfect as personal or corporate gifts.

Each clock is hand assembled and available in heavy lacquered brass or chrome case, in 3 dial sizes.

To order, visit ocean clocks area, or call 800-210-0492. is
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lufft Certified Hygro Thermo HTAB169 on Sale

BellClocks welcomes Lufft Instruments to our line of fine weather products, with sale pricing and Free Shipping on select models of weather instruments.

The Lufft HTAB 169 Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Temperature Indicator is a certified accurate analog hygro thermo.

The hygrometer has been tested at three positions of the dial at temperatures from 32° to 230°F, certified to be accurate within ±3% RH. Calibration and certification are performed under ISO-9001 control. The hygrometer utilizes the Lufft Durotherm element, a synthetic hygroscopic fiber that expands and contracts in response to the moisture in the air.

The thermometer is accurate to ±1% of scale and has a range of -10 - 190°F, utilizing the Lufft bimetallic movement. Bimetallic springs transmit changes in temperature through expansion and contraction.

Highly accurate, this precision Certified Hygrometer Thermometer will provide years of trouble free service.

To order, visit or call 800-210-0492.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Anemometer Wind Speed, Wind Direction Instruments Sale at BellClocks

Get ready for Spring at with our large selection of anemometer wind speed and wind direction instruments.

Instruments include handheld anemometers and fixed anemometers, wind direction instruments, and shipboard apparant wind direction. Various digital or analog weather formats are available.

Wired and wireless wind speed and direction are available. Most include the hardware for installation, including the cup anemometer style wind sensor, and vane style wind direction sensor.

BellClocks sells only major brands. All feature special pricing, and free or low fixed rate domestic shipping - Spring Sale underway now!.