Thursday, April 26, 2007

Product Spotlight: Lufft 4F100 Moisture Content Meter

The Product Spotlight is on the Lufft 4F100 Moisture Content Meter, currently sale priced, with free shipping.

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The Lufft 4F100 Hygrometer Thermometer, Moisture Content Meter indicates relative humidity, temperature, comfort level, dew point, and indication of night frost.

The hygrometer is accurate to within ±4% RH, and utilizes the Lufft Durotherm element. A synthetic hygroscopic fiber that expands and contracts in response to the moisture in the air.

The thermometer is accurate to ±1.5% of scale and has a range of 20 - 100°F, utilizing the Lufft bimetallic movement. Bimetallic springs transmit changes in temperature through expansion and contraction.

- 4.25" Brass Case
- 4" Silver Dial
- Measuring Ranges: Hygro 20-100%, Thermo 20° to 100°F
- Accuracy: Hygro ±4% RH. Thermo ±1.5% of scale
- Dial Graduations: Hygro: 2% RH. Thermo: 2° F

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 Q&A - Chelsea Navy Clock Finish

This installment of Q&A will answer a very common question we receive from customers who purchase the Chelsea Timemaster - commonly called the "Chelsea Navy Clock".

Q: The case on my new Chelsea Timemaster appears dirty, dusty, or used - what happened to my new clock?.

A: Your clock is new, and has arrived in the proper condition for shipment of this model.

More information on Timemaster:

The Chelsea Timemaster series of clocks is the civilian version of Chelsea's famous commercial clock line, which has been in production for many years. Commonly referred to as the "Navy Clock", the Chelsea Timemaster is produced by special order, and in conjunction with the Chelsea Clock government models which are produced under specific government contracts.

The main difference between the Timemaster, and Chelsea Commercial models, is that commercial models have "U S Government" on the dial, and may only be sold to authorized government agencies/entities. The other difference, is that the commercial models typically offer a white or black dial, and Timemaster is available only in a white dial.

Both Timemaster and commercial models feature the same specifications regarding performance, and both are compliant with MILSPEC 1194(C)(D).

As these are commercial production clocks, they are produced with an emphasis on meeting specifications and performance. They are not made for presentation or looks - they are made to perform and be reliable - period. This means the packaging is "no frills", but compliant with government packaging requirements.

It also means that the phenolic case is not "finished" by wiping down, polishing, etc. The case will likely appear dirty, and rough to the touch due to the production process. Again, the case is the main component in meeting the MILSPEC requirements, and the focus is on producing a tough case - "looks" are not a consideration.

Navy veterans will probably find the appearance to be perfect - as these clocks are commonly found in navigational, operations, bridge, and communication areas of many U S Navy ships, due to their accuracy and reliability.

Hopefully this will help in understanding the process by which the Timemaster series of clocks is produced, and why there is no attention to "pretty"!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stormglass/Weather Forecasters on Sale is featuring Stormglass Weather Forecasting instruments at special pricing.

These mysterious instruments have been in use for over 250 years, and are surprisingly accurate. How the Stormglass works is still a mystery, but it is believed that it has to do with the electromagnetic changes caused by weather and sun storms.

A very unique weather gift, and available in Brass Stormglass, Chrome Stormglass, or Nautical Stormglass models. Pricing starts well under $100.00

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Saturday, April 07, 2007 Q&A: 24 Hour Bell Clocks

In this edition of Q&A, we'll answer another one of the most common questions:
Q: Does anyone make a 24 hour ship's bell clock?
A: Not that we are aware of.

There is no such clock available that we are aware of. BellClocks carries 24 hour clocks, and ship's bell clocks, but there is no "hybrid" which combines both a 24 hour movement and ship's bell striking movement.

The traditional ship's bell pattern (8 bell) actually follows a 12 hour clock, and is likely better suited with a 12 hour movement. In addition to that, the standard of ship's bell clocks was designed and built in the United States in the late 1800's (the Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock) - and the United States followed a 12 hour time format, as it does today.

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