Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Product - D&D Water Glass Barometer at is featuring a new product, the D and D Water Glass Barometer. Only $5.95 ground shipping to U S locations.

The water glass barometer has been around for about 400 years. You simply fill it with colored water and watch the level in the spout rise and fall with the changing weather.

A high pressure area will push the fluid level down in the spout and generally means fair weather. While a low pressure area will allow the fluid to rise in the spout and generally means foul weather. A brass drop catcher is included for those days when thunderstorms arrive with their very low pressure and the fluid may overflow a bit.

Our Water Glass Barometer is mounted on a plaque with nautical flags, surrounded by a deep blue wood frame. It makes a much more favorable impression when given as a gift than those cheaper models simply hanging from a brass hook. The frame measures 17.5 inches long by 6 inches wide and the shipping weight is 3 lbs.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Stop "Streamlined Sales Tax" - call you Congressman today

Windward Instruments, owner and operator of - is asking for your help.


Locate your Congressman HERE.


There is a quiet movement in Congress (both House and Senate) calling for a new "streamlined sales tax". Simply put, if enacted this would require online retailers to collect sales tax on every online sale even if you purchase from a business outside your state.

There is nothing streamlined about this tax. There are currently over 7,000 tax districts in the United States. The current "streamlined" portion is nothing more than a spreadsheet which lists the districts, their rates, and remittance dates and procedures. This tax would force every retailer selling products online to charge sales tax on every sale - regardless of where the business or cutomer are located - track and account for these taxes - and remit them to a taxing authority.

Many small and independent businesses - those the President and every elected official claims to support - simply don't have the ability to perform this function from the standpoint of the time and labor required, accounting, software, etc. It would put many of these businesses out of business and create yet more job losses to our economy.

This tax has been out there for a few years now, with very little support in Congress. Now, with the current orgy of spending in Washington, many members of Congress are supporting this move as a way to allow States to collect more tax without putting them in a position to raise Federal taxes.

This tax is being pushed hard by many Governors, and lobbied by mega retailers such as WalMart and others, who are buying Congressional support to pass a tax to eliminate small and independent retail competitors.

Many online shoppers purchase online for several reasons. Lower prices, unique items not found in local stores, and no sales tax to name a few. If Congress passes Streamlined sales tax, shoppers would lose the selection, ability to purchase products for less, savings in sales tax.

More importantly, we believe that many unique items (such as many of the products we carry) might disappear online altogether.

Small and independent businesses support and embrace unique and specialized items. Mega retailers are looking for products with only mass appeal - to sell massive numbers of the products to support huge bottom line numbers. Many of the unique products currently available online would not be available at these mega retailers, because they appeal to a small or specialized customer base and will not sell millions of "units".

Think about it - when is the last time you saw a ship's bell clock at WalMart?

Do you believe you should have to pay sales tax for online purchases made outside your state?


Locate your Congressman HERE.

Combination Tendency Barometer at

The D & D Combination Tendency Barometer is on sale now at

This Model combines all of the best features of the Tendency Barometers and is the top of the line. It functionally operates as any other DD Barometer tendency barometers. The beautiful mahogany stained wooden case with curved glass has an aluminum colored brass face plate with a Storm Glass mounted beside the tendency.

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Ocean Clocks Tide Clocks and 24 Hour Clocks on Sale at

Shop today for sale pricing on all Ocean Clocks instruments. Ocean Clocks Tide Time Clocks, 24 Hour Clocks, and matching barometers are unique.

Tide clocks are region specific, displaying high tide and tide time differences between ports in a specific area. The dial background is a nautical chart of the area. Models available for East Coast U.S., and Puget Sound, WA. available in brass or chrome.