Friday, February 26, 2010

Windward Instruments sites restored

We sincerely appreciate the patience shown by our customers during a very difficult outage. As of Noon EST, Friday February 26, 2010 our sites were back up and functional.

Windward Instruments is currently checking our website information for accuracy, as the sites were restored by our host using backup drives. As the host has not disclosed the date of backups used we must confirm that all information (product, pricing, etc.) is current and accurate.

Please be aware that while the sites are currently up we are in the early stages of verification of information and function. While we expect the sites to remain up, there is a possibility of sporadic shorter term outages should adjustments to the hardware be required, and may occur without notice dependent upon the situation.

Statements and details regarding the outage:

Windward Instruments websites -, were effected by a terrible issue at our hosting company on Saturday February 20, 2010. This resulted in a nearly 6 day outage, which included both websites, as well as all email (incoming and outgoing), and our ability to process orders.

Windward Instruments safeguards our customer information by simply not storing or retaining it, therefore no information was compromised or lost.

The outage was a result of a serious technical issue at our host company and not due to their negligence. Windward Instruments is currently engaged in discussion with our host to determine the best course of action going forward (ie; staying with the present company, or moving our online facilities to another company and location). Our relationship with the present company spans several years, and the events which created the outage were extremely rare. Should Windward Instruments determine change of host is needed, we will post announcements in advance to allow customers time to plan accordingly.

Again - we Thank all of you for your patience, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Mike Ratican
Business Director
Windward Instruments

Monday, February 22, 2010


All sites owned and operated by Windward Instruments, including and are currently down.

We have experienced a serious technical issue and are awaiting a resolution from the technicians.

This outage includes all company websites, and email is completely down.

We apologize for this issue and will update this blog as we progress.

Thank you
Mike Ratican
Business Director