Sunday, January 25, 2009

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This handsome Cape Cod Marine Barometer is a hand-crafted instrument, and an elegant addition to any décor. The precision, German-made, aneroid movement is intriguingly exposed to view in the decorative silver face and highly polished, solid brass, 6" diameter dial. The temperature-compensated movement works at elevations up to 2,000 feet. No outside apparatus or wiring is needed, making installation as easy as hanging a picture! Five-year limited warranty.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 Valentines Day Sale featuring Cape Cod Instruments

Shop the Valentines Day sale, featuring Cape Cod Weather Instruments.

Hand-crafted on Cape Cod since 1939, Cape Cod® Wind & Weather Indicators lets you bring the weather indoors.

These quality, precision instruments include the Cape Cod® Wind Speed Indicator (available with optional Peak Gust Register), Cape Cod® Wind Direction Indicator, Cape Cod® Marine Barometer, and Cape Codder® Clock (available with optional Tide Hand). New Year's Sale

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About Ocean Clocks: Ocean Clocks Tide Time Clocks, 24 Hour Clocks, and matching barometers are unique. Tide clocks are region specific, displaying high tide and tide time differences between ports in a specific area. The dial background is a nautical chart of the area. Models available for East Coast U.S., and Puget Sound, WA. available in brass or chrome. Matching barometers for each model, equipped with a high quality Barigo (German) movement. 24 Hour clocks are equally unique, featuring nautical flag dial. All instruments available in brass or chrome.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Windward Store New Year's Sale

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Visit Windward Store today to save or for more details. Valentines Day Sale has launched the annual Valentine's Day Sale - this year featuring sale pricing on all Ocean Clocks Instruments.

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About Ocean Clocks Tide Time Clocks

Ocean Clocks Tide and Time Clocks offer a unique design and perspective on local high tide and low tide information.

Ocean Clocks localized design focuses on displaying the high tide, low tide relationships in a local area. Much like a local tide chart, or tide table, Ocean Clocks tide and time clocks display this information graphically - by displaying the relative tide at points along a specific coastal region.

For example, our Cape Cod tide time clock displays high and low tide at 20 points in the Massachusetts coastal area - making sense of the high/low tide relationship between these points, in an easy to use format on the clock dial.

To further localize the clock, the dial contains an authentic nautical chart specific to the area displayed. This combination creates the most unique tide clock available anywhere.

How Ocean Clocks Tide Clocks work:

The moon has the major influence that causes the tidal changes to advance every day. The position of the sun and local land masses also has some affect on our tides. The time it takes for the moon to orbit the earth is approximately 24hrs, 50mins and it is this time that we have geared into the mechanism to operate the Blue Tide Hand in the movement.

The blue tide hand will track the moon's orbit and so we are able to approximately predict the tides. The tide time differences between all of the ports have been calculated to predict the high tides before and after the major port in your region. This information can generally be found in your daily newspaper or in local tide tables but we have worked it out for you and display this information on our clock faces together with a Nautical Chart of your region.