Tuesday, November 28, 2006

BellClocks.com launches New Shapel Tide Time and Tide Clocks

BellClocks.com has launched two new clocks from Shapel, maker of the popular Moonphase Tide Time clocks. Introductory sale pricing accompanies the launch.

The new models include a tide time model, and a tide only model, for those customers who prefer no moon display. Both feature the same large size dial (8.5") as the moonphase tide time, and come ready for wall mounting with a selection of New Zealand Pine, or Blue MDF Wood plaques.

Contact BellClocks.com for more information at bellclocks.com, or by phone at 800-210-0492

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Maximum Weather Instruments, Weather Stations on Sale

Weather Instruments by Maximum Weather are on sale now at BellClocks.com.

Christmas sale pricing is applied to selected wireless weather stations, barometers, wind speed and direction anemometers, and combination weather instruments.

Please visit BellClocks.com and save on these high quality weather instruments while supplies last.

Please visit us online at: http://bellclocks.com
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Monday, November 20, 2006

Announcing Deeper Discounts on Ocean Clocks

BellClocks.com has deepened the discount on Ocean Clocks for the remainder of 2006, to serve customers purchasing as Christmas gifts.

The pricing applies to all tide time clocks and 24 hour clocks, which are offered in several sizes, and in 2 latch brass porthole and single latch brass porthole cases. The chrome porthole clock models are also included.

Visit BellClocks.com for details.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The D&D Barometer Sale - eco celli and tendency barometers

We are announcing a D&D Barometer Sale, underway now at bellclocks.com. The sale features special pricing on D&D instruments while supplies last. Past sales have produced quick sell-outs, so please shop early and don't miss one of the most unique gift items of the year.

D&D produces some of the highest quality instruments available, at an attractive price, and in unique combinations. From the eco celli, torricelli style, mercury free glass barometers - to their tendency barometers, and unique weather stations and instruments, including the ship's hull weather station. Some combinations include barometer/thermometer/hygrometer, and one model features a barometer/thermometer/hygrometer AND stormglass combination all in one presentation quality instruments.

We have received numerous comments from customers, all positive, about the quality and packaging of the D&D instruments. We received one customer comments in which we were challenged at selling them "so cheap".

Please contact us with any comments or questions.

Visit us online at: http://bellclocks.com
a Division of Windward Intruments

We have included the comments of a Ross Tendency Barometer by D&D below - this is typical of the comments we receive from customers:

(email courtesy Jack R - MA.)

The Ross Tendency Barometer arrived this past Tuesday, and it's splendid.
It's everything I hoped it would be, and then some. The wooden case is on a par with the best cabinetry, and finished perfectly in a deep, warm, glossy mahogany. The curved glass window is flawless; the red and blue tubes are masterpieces of the glassblower's art; and the back panel is beautifully lithographed in a way that looks old without looking fake or "cheap."
The workmanship, in all respects, couldn't be better, and, amazingly for something so fragile, it arrived in perfect condition, with no damage; it was packed very carefully. It's unusual for a product to look as good as its picture in a catalog or on a web site, but this one actually looks better.
This is a piece that I'll be proud to hang on my wall, as anyone would. I couldn't be more pleased.
Thanks for offering this marvelous, and unique, instrument, and at such a remarkable price. It's beautiful, and a great value.
I couldn't be more pleased.