Thursday, March 22, 2007

Buyer Beware - Bell Clock Company clocks

Every month we receive numerous inquiries about Bell Clock company clocks, requests for repairs, parts, etc. is not affiliated with the Bell Clock company, and our information indicates the company has been out of business for several years.

These clocks were most commonly available at Navy Exchanges, and PX facilites around the country, and we are told that there is still "old stock" which has been recently, or may still be available.

Regarding the Bell Clock Company itself, the information provided with new Bell Clock Company clocks states "Bell Clock Company, a Division of Gatco Inc. San Francisco, CA.

Gatco Inc. is still in business, and is a manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, specializing in brass. Our parent company, Windward Instruments, has made several attempts to contat Gatco Inc. to inquire about their involvement with, or ownership of, the Bell Clock Company, and to request availability of parts or service. Our numerous emails and phone messages have gone ignored.

If you own one of these clocks, you may attempt to contact Gatco at: 1-800-227-5640. Their address:

Gatco Inc.
1550 Factor Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577, USA.

If anyone manages to make contact, please post that information on the blog, or contact us.


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