Sunday, July 16, 2017

Downeaster Fishing Tide Clock, On Sale Now!

The Downeaster Fishing Tide Clock, Saltwater collection, matches the Saltwater Fishing Barometer which is also available. 

Fishermen generally agree that fish are most active two hours before or after High Tide. With the Fishing Tide Clock you can see at a glance when to grab your fishing gear and head out to your favorite spot!

The tide clock's cycle is geared to Atlantic Coast tides (approximately two High and two Low tides per day).

The highly polished and lacquered 6" brass case can be mounted directly on the wall, on a wooden panel, or on a mantle stand. A must have for all fishermen, boaters, and nature lovers!

Operates on a single AA battery.

If you prefer a Brushed Nickel Case, please select that option.


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